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Welcome to Galician Stained Glass where we honor imagination and tradition with dynamic handcrafted art. We offer the finest European craftsmanship available in the stained glass industry from our conveniently located Jersey City workshop. When you visit Galician Stained Glass, you will encounter stained glass art production as you have never seen it with our inspired, modern take on this time honored art. Stained glass is most commonly associated with church and cathedral window art, but we specialize in bringing lively visual art into all venues including your home, office, and public buildings.

We pride ourselves on our versatility, and production of both traditional style work, unique contemporary stained glass artwork, and perform stained glass restoration work.
At Galician Stained Glass we utilize the Tiffany Technique and work with the highest quality hand blown glass from America and Japan. Every piece we produce is hand made in America in our Jersey City, New Jersey workshop in the heart of the Tri-State area. Our stained glass studio is conveniently located in New York metro area so you will easily find and reach us by bus train or car.

What sets Galician Stained Glass apart is our contemporary spin on this age-old art form. The stained glass work we do reflects modern art movements including Warhol inspired pop art designs of famous figures such as Bob Marley and Marilyn Monroe, and Dali-inspired surrealism with 3 dimensional elements. Get 35% off the stained glass portraits. All of our custom stained glass designs are carefully planned, accounting for the effect changing light has on the balance of color and transparency, ensuring our artwork is visually pleasing in a range of lighting conditions.

There are a great number of services our studio could offer. We will produce a unique masterpiece for you, since the stained glass studio we represent specializes solely in masterpieces. Each glass part, each paint drop is a part of art for us. And we hope these things will also become a piece of your personal art when you get them in your interior. Contact us and order only the best and beautiful things for yourself. Its a gift giving time of the year, get special treatment with up to 50% off for custom stained glass orders with free installation.

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Stained-glass window is a work of decorative art. Stained glass windows are calledtransparent paintings, drawings, designs, or carried out on the glass window,perceptible to the light. Nowadays, due to the improvement of artistic treatment of glass, stained glass call any decorative Filling glass – stained glass windows and doors, lamps, lampshades, vaults, domes, continuous surfaces of walls, partitions, mirrors and even special decorations art products. Stained glass art It has its origins in the distant past. Stained-glass windows, representing the previously setcolored glass, often served as a random room decoration; from It improved their composition, pattern over time, art glass processing and technique. Stained glass became original works of art, an integral part of a strictly thoughtful monumental decoration of buildings. We offer free in-home estimate and 30% discount for builders and remodelers.

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