Stained glass dome

Stained glass domeStained glass dome is a glass construction in a shape of sphere. Interior that has this construction produces feeling of lightness, festivity, mightiness. At the same time, this happens not so often to see such top in a flat or living house.

Stained Glass Dome Shapes and Installation

Dyed pane domes vary in shape greatly. Main ceiling shapes are: oval or polygonal, dome-plate, dome-umbrella.

There are several methods of dyed glass ceiling creation. Though, there are not so much of them, since a process of their manufacturing is quite laborious. Actually, two techniques are considered to be main: classical one and Tiffany method. A classical method is the most expensive and old. Tinted g
lass domes are fortified additionally in order to avoid creeping.

To install such top specialists need: a profile made of durable materials, such as aluminum, lead, steel. Forged frames, as well as wood frames are also utilized. A dome is installed on ceiling with the help of mounts fixed to overlaps with metallic anchors.

Stained glass dome ceiling should play with various shades after installation. This is why it is important to organize lighting correctly. It is necessary to carefully match lights and define the best allocation variant. In the result, the ceiling will be lighted evenly, and the shades will shine and blink.

Dyed pane domes are installed high, and this will be the only disadvantage as for their maintenance. But you can always invite professionals to help you. There are special companies and people who provide painted fragment ceiling care.

The price of the dome depends on its performance technique. The materials utilized, size, and detail number also matter. Highness of the ceiling can influence the price as well, since installation becomes harder when the dome is fixed high.

Stained glass

Stained glassStained glass products are one of the most creative ways of dyed pane using in interior. Painted panes can be used not only in furnishing items, ceiling, niches, and dividing walls. Nice decoration of space will be: unusual stained pictures embellishing even looking-glasses and aquaria. Pane fragment colorful elements are mounted into lamps, watches, candlesticks and are nice decoration for photo frames.

Kinds of Stained Glass Products

During a long time dyed panes were utilized only for windows, doors, but later the notion of stained glass changed. Now glass fragments can decore any item. The most popular dyed fraction products are:

–    pictures made with classical or Tiffany technique. Such pictures are produced by hands and in a single copy;
–    mirrors framed with colorful semitransparent stained glass pattern. It will change your room interior entirely;
–    unique ceiling, wall, table lights of any shapes and sizes. Mild mysterious light of colorful glass will make your house cozy;
–    tinted glass watches may become the most important interior element. Watch decoration can differ in shapes, sizes, and styles. For example, you can choose Provence style and use natural materials, pastel shades, and rustic motives;
–    decorative vintage photo frames will never leave anyone indifferent. Handmade was highly valued in all the times. Frames embedded with glass inserts are a very unusual decoration element.

Undoubted advantages of dyed pane products are: their durability, wet strength, easy maintenance, safety, robustness against temperature drops. The disadvantage of such items is the fact that these products serve as interior embellishment elements and perform no other functions. At the same time, they can decorate any premises, whether it is a living room or office. Combination of colorful glass and artificial light will produce inimitable luminous effect.


STAINED GLASS ON A MIRRORStained glass mirrors are something that we can rightly call work of art. You can ask our specialists to create unique dyed glass fragments for you. So, the mirror like this will become a zest of your interior.

What Is Stained Glass Mirrors

It is hard to imagine up-to-date interior without mirrors. With their help you can see yourself from the side and correct environment visually. If a mirror is decorated with a drawing, it becomes brighter and expressive item of interior decoration.
Now a lot of solutions for a stain glass mirror exist. Sandblast drawing is very popular. It allows covering mirrors with various mat and white patterns. Thus, your room will look more elegant.
Though, painted pane looks especially gorgeous, rich, subtle. This technique permits decorating looking-glasses in various shades and styles. See, dyed pane for a looking-glass can be ornamented with same drawing as wardrobe or lamp glass. It can also be an independent drawing that will harmonize with whole space. Successful combination of a mirror and dyed pane will make the drawing light, airy, but reflecting surface of the looking-glass will not become smaller. Tinted fragments on mirrors can be effective dominating note of interior and emphasize the style, which is already present in the room.
For creating mirror dyed pane several techniques can be utilized. Utilizing taped dyed pane, flooded stained glass, sandblast technique (matting), Tiffany dyed pane, fusing – among of them.
For instance, flooded glass is a kind of traditional glass imitation. But, as distinct from taped glass, special paint is used here. Taped glass resembles expensive Tiffany technique, it just falls short of quality in comparison to it. Sandblast processing means matting with the help of special appliance. Such drawing will look really nice with built-in lights and together with similar interior elements.


NICHESStained glass in niches makes these constructions look interesting and really gorgeous. Such niches accomplish several functions at a time: they hide undesirable interior elements, as well as decorate the room assigning peculiar, fairy look to it. Stained glass drawing produces the feeling of mystery and magic.

Niche Dyed Glass Peculiarities

Large fragments are usually used for making dyed glass. On the one hand, it reduces the price of the whole construction greatly, makes work with it easier and performance terms shorter. On the other hand, this is a peculiar and special style that can make us look at many things in some new way. Such pictures can cause different associations. The richer your imagination is, the more impressions you get admiring this niche.

Creating painted panes for niches, specialists always consider color design, amount of glass and metal in premises. If there is not enough light in the room, professionals will find an appropriate dyed glass for you as well. For example, there can be a lamp in the niche, due to which you will get additional, mild lighting.

Dyed glass utilized for niches divides a room into several parts. A room stays bigger because of such designer’s solution. Besides, when light is on, there is an impression that there are some additional premises behind the niche or that the window looks at a sunny glade. These associations always make mood better and provide house owners and their guests with positive emotions.

Tinted pane drawing looks nice both in wide and narrow niche. And the possibility to hide some interior features or additional lights behind panes is their undeniable advantage we cannot help mentioning again.


PARTITION WALLSStained glass for partitions walls is an element due to which the room gets new look. Such dividing walls look great in any home environment, and great selection of dyed glass variants gives a chance to the stained pane item to stay in harmony with any design style.

Dividing Walls with Stained Glass: Union of Aesthetics and Functionality

Partition walls with dyed panes are the method to divide two rooms and improve interior look at the same time. Variety of techniques permits to receive the most effective result without infringing the style. This is an exclusive and low-budget variant: no matter what the price is, a stained glass partition wall is a real discovery for those who want to make the room interior one-of-the-art.

The main techniques of making stained panes in walls are the same as those for dyed fragments in, for example, windows or doors. Most popular of them are:

–    Tiffany dyed glass, which is a real symbol of prestige;
–    classical dyed panes;
–    fusing that makes the room brighter and lighter;
–    taped stained panes.

Mat dyed glass deserves excessive attention. Dividing walls with mat panes are delicate, sophisticated decoration that resembles cut-glass dinnerware set due to its subtlety. At the same time, these walls are strong enough.

Dyed glass can be combined with various materials: gypsum wallboard, forge works, wood. Composition solutions for dyed glass walls are also different. This is no wonder, since such walls perfectly harmonize with any home inside space and design style.

Note that tinted glass wall maintenance depends on the materials. Dyed glass is usually easy to clean, it is just enough to remove dust with cloth. Watch that excessive wet does not remain on taped glass during a long time. Do not use abrasive detergents for stained glass.


WardrobesActually, any furniture with dyed glass is a real piece of art. Wardrobes with stained glass are far and wide used in interior design. You will hardly find something more beautiful and sophisticated to decore your apartment and make it more vivid.

Advantages of Dyed Glass Wardrobes

Uniqueness. Tinted pane wardrobes match the whole interior, as a rule, because a designer and owner match the pattern accordingly to design of a certain apartment. The price will be somewhat higher, but such ornament will perfectly coincide with the room space.

Availability. This is a real mistake to believe that the price for a stained glass wardrobe differs from the price for an ordinary wardrobe greatly. If you have no money for real dyed glass, you can purchase furniture with imitation. Your wardrobe will look beautiful anyway.

Manufacture technique and ornament complexity. These two factors usually play the great role in price formation. The premises style should coincide with the wardrobe style. There are several styles, like in any art: classical one, high-tech, modern, postmodern etc. This is why it is so important to follow the room harmony and not to be mistaken with the style. Location is also important. Color and light play is one of the most important peculiarities. You should install your wardrobe in the right place where direct sun beams will get on it.

Tinted glass wardrobes are made on order according with individual projects. Every nuance is agreed with the customer, the features of a room are taken into account, since both construction and inner filling of furniture depend on it. We are talking about door number, size, shelf and section purpose, necessity of highlighting.


STAINED GLASS DOORIn virtue of effect stained (dyed) panes have, accustomed doors become bright, one-of-a-kind interior element. Nowadays stained glass panels are progressively demanded and best-selling. They impress due to variety of shade solutions, shapes, sizes, materials, and stories you can see on them. Stained glass door panels may become compared with a picturesque canvas. They can become made in any style and any art direction.

What You Should Know Before Choosing Stained Glass Door Panels

In order to reveal all beauty of stained glass for doors, take into account some intricacies while entrance installation. All of us know that tinted pane gleams-shines especially beautiful in sun beams. This is why it is recommended fixing such entry against a window. Sun rays can make stained panes more vivid and a room – cozier and atmospheric. Such doors expand premises visually, contribute lightness and airiness to interior. They perfectly fit small rooms.

Take doors with stained glass according with inside environment design. It is important for panes to emphasize your apartment peculiarities, but not outstand of whole appearance. If you installed such doors only in one of the rooms, add dyed glass elements to space, for example, it could be tinted pane panel picture or furnishing with tinted elements.

Stained fragments are usually comprised of fragments of various colors. Though, there are also more expensive and subtle dyed glass panes, where transparent glass is dyed with special paint. Panes can appear mat or clear depending on a room where such item is installed. It is preferable to take unclear glass for children’s rooms or bedroom, and there are no limits for kitchen, living or dining room: any glass will be efficient and stunner there.

Custom stained glass doors become produced according to unique draft. Properly, these are pictures framed with entry leaf. Order a sketch of any style and theme or forge your dyed pane picture yourself. A painter will readily offer several variants to you.

Before you acquire dyed glass entry, decide what size and scheme your entrance will have. Of course, dyed pane can be used for decoration of an ordinary swing single-leaf door, but it will look especially impressive on two-leaf foldaway doors. Remember that stained glass may be replaced. So, if you decide changing your flat space design, you will have to adopt new appropriate dyed pane for your exit.

There are several modes of doors, for which dyed glass can be used: outside, inner, and slide wardrobe panels. Slide doors with dyed panes are considered to be truly most expensive items of this type.

Dyed glass item selection is not a very hard task, anyone can run it. But if you think this is too complicated for you, ask specialists, may be even designers, for help. They will not only aid you in choosing beautiful and high-quality doors, but also match them to your home environment.


Stained glass windowEmbellishing home and office windows with various decorative elements has become really well-liked since recently. Custom stained glass windows are truly the most demanded variants of such decoration. Dyed-glasses using is a method of “dressing up” windows with glass alternatively other similar medium that permit light through. Due to various compositions, a sun beam comes inside via the window and makes the room shine in many colorful specks.

Custom Stained Glass Windows: Essence, Manufacture Ways

As history tells us, colored-glass windows were initially mounted in Gothic temples. But now… stained glass window panes decore premises of various, totally different purposes.

The process of making stained glass windows for homes is as follows: varicolored transparent fractions are soldered as patterns, work-of-art elements or photos. Your home or office will really become second-to-none and have more charm if you use stained-glass-window decoration.

There are several performance ways for stained glass window manufacturers:
1.    The classical manner is premised on making a draft, agreeably to which a pattern is composed. Then compositions are put into frames and their joint places are soldered.
2.    Tiffany technique means that elements wrapped with cooper sticky tape are combined with the help of lead.
3.    Fusing method is tiny stone and detail into-glass insertion.
4.    Sandblasting is used to get hollows and raised patterns on glass-for-seeing-through surface.
5.    Glass etching can be used too, though, it requires surgical-pinpoint(!) accuracy and safety regulation following.
6.    Dyeing may be done with special paint. The surface can be either sole-colored or multi-colored; shade intensity depends on dye layer figure.
7.    Application method is one of the simplest manners for all to have custom made stained glass window panels at home. Proficients just cut the picture out of tape applicably tinted and stick it to pane, transparent, of course.

What should you pay exceptionally special attention to? Now there are a lot of variants of tinted-glass window making. Specialists will always offer many designs to you paying your attention to room kind where this window glass should be. When you choose dyed glass picture for your window, remember that this decoration will “filch” some part of daylight. So, do not decorate panes in such a way in premises where daylight should always be in great amount, for instance, in kitchen, office or children’s room. Here you can, apropos, use partial decorating and create idiosyncratic patterns or drawing/photo elements. Thus, your “skylights” will look authentic, off-beat, and expressive.

Please note that only advanced professionals may install or make painted glass windows, since manufacturing technique requires knowledge, skills, and greater experience. This is why entrust good specialists to bring some coziness to your house or office.


Stained glass domeAs a rule, stained glass ceiling is a hanging system with special stained glass ceiling panels inside. Behind this hanging system highlights, fluorescent lights or LED strip, are installed. Such a construction is very sophisticated, convenient, and easy to use.

Stained Glass Ceiling Design

Our company can offer to its clients to choose the ceiling design from our own catalogue: you will find various ornaments, patterns, and images there. You will surely see there something special for your interior. Besides, you can show us your sketch and order unique room-top concept.

The peculiarities of stained glass ceilings are:

–    beauty. Such ceilings make the interior more attractive, improve its design;
–    the possibility to install additional lights. This will give you a chance to get unusual, but even elimination in your room;
–    ecological compatibility. Glass is a natural material that emits no hazardous elements and causes no allergic reaction, this is why stained-glass ceiling can be mounted in any and all premises;
–    wet strength. Stained glass tops of any kind are not influenced by destructive power of water. The main condition here is good quality, in other words, such ceilings should meet all the standards/norms. So, this glass-stained-ceiling can be installed even in premises where moisture load is high.
–    big selection of models. Variability of stained-glass design-types we offer is really great. In addition, we are always ready to make experiments fulfilling your dreams and doing something unique for you;
–    not really complicated installation, easy maintenance.

The most great-request design now is multicolor stained glass, which will impress you and your guests with its color-play.

Though, you can also order classic design of two colors, for example, black and white. In any case, this stand-alone glass will add some mystery, shades, and uniqueness to the interior.