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Stained Glass Production. Options

On stained glass fabrication, our specialists utilize both classical methods as well as modern execution techniques, which presuppose synthetic coating and polymeric material utilizing. Masters, who work in our studio, have titanic experience and great arty-and-crafty potential, which permits them to fulfill any-and-all with the customers’ ideas.

One luxurious version was colored glass in smith iron. Creating stained glass panels like this means making real masterpieces. These items combine glass and metal nicely. Firstly, and basically, on making stained glass the masters utilize Tiffany technic. Thereof the item is closed in a metal frame forged in an artistic way. The kind of leaded glass is quite rarely utilized for interior because of its high cost, but looks very extravagant and really striking, so it is worth
spending funds.

Stained glass fabrication appears conventionally required when a customer wants to decorate his or her windows, ceiling, doors or even niches in a special way. For ceiling Tiffany technic is also resorted to. Thus, such a ceiling becomes embodiment of style, elegance, and luxury.

As for panels, we know there are nice ways on decorating them with colorful glass. It could be an arch way, ornamental tech or an oblique decor insert in the center or on a side of a panel.

Doors with leaded or colored pane are a unique part, item and element that will make your inner home part really stand out. Stained glass for ports or openings should be selected attentively, since it must fit the interior view of your apartment perfectly. There is a large range of various doors: you can choose any drawing, color, shape, and tech you like.

Glass niches could be not only deco-elements, but also practical things in your house. A customer could hide many small things behind the niche or place a light source behind it in order to make the niche adorn your home look.

There still are a lot of options for stained glass utilizing, you can freely choose the most matched with you.

Examples of our work you can see below:

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