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Stained Glass Restoration for Dear Customers

What does stained glass repair presuppose? To make an accurate estimation of your stained-glass restoration project the master would have to see it in live. After thorough analysis, the condition of your stained glass window or door panel you can finalize the cost of the renovation.

Comfort and positive atmosphere in premises are impossible without restoring stained glass windows, doors or niches that really require restoration. If you don’t provide your leaded pane with proper maintenance and care, their lifetime will be significantly reduced. Though, if timely repairing stained glass panel, you will get not just beauty in your house, but also save on substitution on the panels you have. Get your 10% Off on stained glass renovation.

Our company offers the following services as for stained glass restoration:

  • Tiffany stained glass renovation
  • Replacement of missing panel parts
  • Correction of bulges and deformations
  • Replacement of loose panel parts
  • Change of frames
  • Repair of Tiffany lamps
  • Special lead cleaning and bringing back the original lead color
  • Sometimes a hundred years old window or panel need just a proper cleaning
  • If the front repair is needed, we neatly remove the colored panel in order you could keep it safe

What factors influence cost of work? For restoration only up-to-date materials are always utilized. It happens sometimes that a master has to restore an image, which is already many years old. This is why technique needed should be accurately defined, initial colors must be detected, and necessary materials selected. The factors that influence cost of work are: the quality of materials, size of the parts the image is created of, size and location of area damaged, leaded pane measurements. Sometimes when repair costs too much, it is advisable to replace the whole pane
element or even install a new door or window with the panes drawing. Yes, this is really so you will spend less in this case if the damage is too serious. You can always replace color pane as well in case when you change your interior look and need some other colors and shapes for it.

If you need to repair stained glass at your home or office, our specialists will quickly eliminate all the breakages and bring the initial look back to your perfectly and nicely stained panel. If you cooperate with us, you will get many benefits for yourself, because we always consider all customer’s wishes, act fast and well, have fair prices, can provide you with all kinds of works needed either withdrawal or installation of the item. We are glad to work for you!

Examples of our work you can see below:

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