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Custom fabrication

Since creating an art is our mission to make it functional and creative, cozy and stylish it’s our philosophy. Galician Stained Glass is happy to guide you through the challenging process of choosing beautiful artwork and interior design elements for your home or business by creating original designs that meet the highest standards. You can have one-of-a-kind custom handmade design or a glass portrait. Contact us with any unreal idea and we can bring that idea to life.


Installation and custom framing

Installation is as much significant as creation. It requires technique and great expertise. Full dedication and attention is given in each step of the design and fabrication from the smallest project to the largest. For your convenience, we also provide in house custom framing for all our art work.


Stained glass restoration

At Galician Stained Glass, we honor the origins of our craft by performing custom restoration work for houses of worship such as churches and cathedrals, and individuals looking to restore antiques or simply fix an old beautiful but broken stained glass window. Let us breathe new life into your old stained glass artwork, and restore it to its original beauty!


We offer a countless way for private businesses, public departments and works, religious institutions, educational institutions, and homeowners to incorporate one-of- a-kind artwork and interior design projects into their homes, businesses, and houses of worship, and can even base our designs on pictures you provide! A few of our options include stained glass windows and doors, clocks, ceiling panels, skylights, shower enclosures, cabinet and furniture doors, table tops, stained glass lamps, jewelry boxes business card holders, custom holiday decorations, and much more! Additionally, we have come up with new ways to display our beautiful stained glass work, so you can enjoy your custom art 24/7. One of the ways we do this is by creating framed, backlit stained glass portraits.


Proposal for our partners

A commercial discount is available for interior designers, architects, and furniture makers and designers who would like to work directly with us to provide stunning artwork to their customers.

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