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Stained Glass Installation Stages

Stained glass installation appears a laborious, technically complicated process. This is why it

should appear conducted by highly qualified specialists. Rule violation during pane installation can negatively influence durability and lifetime of the ready items. So, it is better to ask specialists to install the glass-panel for you.
It was not only item quality and specialists’ qualification that influence the operational properties of leaded panel and its long-term service. Installation should become conducted in the right way too. It is easier and faster to mantle small colorful pane pieces, than to decor aceiling, for instance, with deco panes. Preparatory work volume depends on the kind of item.

Stained glass window installation stages are basically as follows:

  • Preparation. This stage includes examination of mantle place, taking measurements, choosing a fastening way, and making an installation plan.
  • Precursory stage. If some repair is conducted in an apartment or office, it should appear finished before leaded pane mantlement is started.
  • Basis preparation. Place becomes cleaned from dust and dirt. A special mark is drawn. If necessary, the basis is additionally processed and dried.
  • Frame mantling and fastening. A carcass with colored panes is put evenly towards upright surface and the horizontal one. It is then fastened with elements, type of which depends on a color pane kind.
  • Glass installation. Installation and fastening of the panes and additional details.
  • Glass testing. Leaded pane functionality is being checked.
  • The final stage. The stage presupposes thorough premises cleaning and taking garbage away.

In professional studios the specialists stick to the strict succession the stages should be conducted with. Thus, along with high quality of decoration element, this provides long lifetime and endurance of item.

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